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Shell Yeah by Jaks

Starfish Serenade Soap Dish

Starfish Serenade Soap Dish

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A charming and whimsical piece that brings the vibrant beauty of the ocean to your bathroom decor.

Crafted from a genuine scallop shell, this soap dish features a delightful decoupage design of a bright orange starfish, accompanied by seashells and marine greenery against a soothing blue-green background. The intricate and colorful marine motif is preserved under a layer of clear epoxy resin, providing a durable, glossy finish that enhances the vivid colors and detailed artwork.

The edges of the scallop shell are tastefully gilded with gold, adding a touch of elegance to this playful piece. The Starfish Serenade Soap Dish not only serves as a practical accessory for keeping your soap dry and accessible but also acts as a captivating decorative element that brings the lively spirit of the seaside into your home.

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