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Shell Yeah by Jaks

Straw Cocktail Glass

Straw Cocktail Glass

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Elevate your cocktail experience with the innovative Straw Cocktail Glass – the epitome of style and functionality. Crafted from premium materials, this glass is engineered to provide unparalleled convenience in any setting.

Say goodbye to sticky messes and spilled beverages with its unique built-in straw, ensuring a spill-free drinking experience. Whether you're sipping cocktails at home or on the go, this cleverly designed feature guarantees beverage protection and peace of mind.

Standing at 16.5cm tall and with a width of 5.0cm, the Straw Cocktail Glass is perfectly sized for any occasion. With a generous capacity of 190ml, every sip is a delight, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite drink without interruption.

Whether you're hosting a gathering indoors or enjoying drinks alfresco, this stylish cocktail glass is all you need for a comfortable and convenient evening. Treat yourself to an efficient and enjoyable drinking experience – get your Straw Cocktail Glass today!

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